Sweden’s latest and broadest video on demand service

HomeTV is Sweden’s latest addition in the streaming sphere. A unique library of over 3000 titles, they compete with the very largest players in video entertainment. We have been on the journey from the start.


We receive movies from their respective partners through various forms of transfer, ranging from physical hard drive to accelerated download. The system then knows which audio and video channels to use and how. The material is coded to work on all devices and then sent to the editors for quality control and subtitle syncing. Then packaging takes place to the various units in order to last but not least be published in the platform.


The group’s storage subcontractors (Google Cloud Storage and Amazon S3) then deliver the material to our streaming and distribution subcontractor (Akamai). The CDN cache stores movies on the Edge servers that are close to the viewer and thus allows the movies, even in high bandwidth, to be delivered without interruption or buffering.


The platform is a proprietary product developed within the group and in 2017 it was rebuilt from the ground up and is today completely serverless in its set. The platform is based on NodeJS and today runs in Amazon’s Lambda with their API gateway in front. Here Akamai also joins and speeds up and secures the APIs.


Payment system

HomeTV chose Bambora as the payment gateway and it is the one that the platform uses at present. The system is set up to manage SEK in Sweden, NOK in Norway, EUR in Åland (and Finland) and DKK in Denmark.

Apps and Web

We have developed apps for HomeTV that work on the following platforms and devices:

iOS *
AppleTV (tvOS)
Android **
Samsung Smart TV (manufacturing year of 2017 and later)

The websites we have produced for HomeTV are optimized to work on most modern browsers and they are also responsive so that you can see the content even if you have not downloaded one of the apps for the service. However, for full support and better experience on their mobile devices, we recommend that end users use the apps made for each device.

* Supports Chromecast and AirPlay receivers
** Supports Chromecast receivers