Sweden International Horse Show 

Increase interest through digital solutions

We were commissioned to develop the official app for the Sweden International Horse Show. The event took place from November 28 to December 1 and attracts about 80 000 visitors. Visitors were able to access programs, news and information about the fair through the app.

The challenge of providing an app during an event is that it receives a lot of traffic for a limited time. We solved this through a scalable server solution, which resulted in the app working flawlessly at a cost-effective price for the customer.

The app received very good usage and a clear example of this was that one of the sponsors organized a competition which had to be closed down because the prices ran out. A positive and clear indication that our solution delivered.

Another sign that the app became a popular feature for users was that it topped the Top of the Sports category and climbed all the way up to place 32 on the list of popular free apps.

“We wanted to improve the experience for our visitors by providing the latest information about programs, news, startlists etc in a simple way. We are very pleased with the app, which was greatly appreciated by the audience. In addition, we saved working hours and got a more environmentally friendly solution than a printed program.”

Christin Ericsson
Event Director