Parent Company Mavshack AB (Publ)

Mavshack AB (publ) run business operations within technical development towards digital entertainment. We offer services from integrated API’s and tailored platform solutions to content such as AR-productions.

With over 10 years of experience in technical development Mavshack AB today have business operations spread across 80 markets worldwide. Through our subsidiaries we create technical solutions for legal distribution of digital content. The services were launched in 2007 as one of the first streaming services to address the swedish market. Collaboration began with distributors and suppliers around the world and this resulted the need for payment solutions adapted for the different markets and conditions.

Today Mavshack AB have experience that span over a decade, challenges and new requirements has led to innovative technical solutions as a result. These insights prompted the idea to offer our services to external partners through our subsidiaries Mavshack Movies and 24hTech. Through our associate Ambient Media we offer services within all of its activity areas both locally and globally. Mavshack AB is working constantly for modern technology to reach stakeholders no matter where in the world they are. A prerequisite for this goal is knowledge and understanding for global markets.

Subsidiary 24hTech

With 10 years of experience in offering technical solutions 24hTech offers streaming services, mobile payment alternatives such as Direct Carrier Billing and services for content production, e.g instance Augmented Reality. 24hTech always adapts solutions based on the client’s needs, regardless connection to current campaigns and marketing activities. With original developed technology for encryption and transcoding 24hTech can customize solutions exclusively according to the client’s needs and requirements.

Subsidiary Mavshack Movies

The subsidiary Mavshack Movies offer Asian digital entertainment to global markets. The platform offers subscription based SVOD-services (streaming video on demand) for movies, television, sports, audiobooks.

Mavshack Movies is a streaming service with Asian premium entertainment for audiences all around the world. The content is distributed through streaming and hosting suppliers Akamai and Amazon Cloud. Subscriptions are sold through App Store, Google Play and Amazon, as well as through Mavshack Movies owned channels. We also cooperates with distributors that offer several different payment solutions, including cash sales and payment with mobile credits. Original developed technology enables streaming of content regardless the user’s connection qualities and geographical limitations.

The primary target audience for Mavshack Movies is filipinos and indians living outside of their home countries, where the largest groups residing in USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Successively, in line with increased Internet Penetration and new digital habits, the populations on each market is Mavshack Movies main target groups.

Subsidiary IP Movers

IP Movers delivers digital comprehensive solutions such as web, mobile applications, websites, business systems and develops digital infrastructure for companies in all industries.

We prefer to be treated as a personal IT partner who is familiar with your business and always available with advice throughout the digital journey. We have the experience to guide you towards better results by providing your company with the best possible solutions, we also assist you in scaling up and down as your needs may change.

Associate company Ambientmedia

Ambientmedia offers complete, end to end animation, audio and video production. By developing advanced 3D animation, audio/video sfx combined with Augmented Reality (AR), Avatar Puppetry and VideoClick we provide any company’s mission from ideas into reality.

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